Voyacon’s e-invoicing solution (vFatura) is fully accordant with Turkish Ministry of Finance.

vFatura outstands with that it can be quickly integrated into your accounting software like SAP. Besides easy implementation, vFatura uses standards of TUBITAK and Ministry of Finance to minimize performance losses and ensures a durable ledger database.

vFatura is designed to ensure minimum cost and quick adaptation for future customizations that can be done by Ministry of Finance. Because we know that even a small change or customization, which causes a wrong accounting record, can end up with our clients to lose time, money and reputation. vFatura’s algorithm and design is unique to prevent that kind of failures.

vFatura is also compatible with side-applications and widgets (like e-mail alerts) to sustain a fully integrated business solutions for our clients.

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  • Warning! You may not be able to invoice!
  • E-invoice provides companies to commerce with low-cost and fast in business world. Besides its advantage, it is also mandatory in some cases. Some companies are not responsible to use e-invoice for today, according to Ministry of Finance. But, if that company is making business with a counterpart that uses e-invoice, it is also an obligation to use e-invoice to sustain its business with counterpart. Ministry of Finance is aiming every company to use e-invoicing in future. So with no doubt, early adaption to this new system would be better for companies.

  • What is e-invoice?
  • E-invoice is a digital system which allows companies to invoice online via computer, instead of paper based invoices. E-invoice system contains an online connection between Turkish Revenue Administration (GIB) and companies. When a company invoice for its commerce, no paperwork needed and invoice is directly recorded in a database, and delivered to counterpart by GIB. This system is designed by Ministry of Finance and companies are subject to use e-invoice software’s to be integrated in it.

  • Companies that have to use e-invoice
  • Companies which

    • have mineral oil license according to 4.12.2003 – 5015 Petroleum Market Law
    • are in clause “a” and generates gross revenue over TRY 25 Million as of 2011
    • produces the product or services listed in Private Consumption Tax Law-III (6.6.2002-4760)
    • are in clause “c” and generates gross revenue over TRY 10 Million as of 2011

    are legally responsible to use e-invoice.

  • Should my company use e-invoice even it is not mandatory?
  • Companies mentioned in four bullets above are not going to be able to invoice in paper anymore. So, a company, which does not use e-invoice, is not going to be in commercial activity with these companies. In today, no one wants to be in a situation like that. So, we suggest all companies to have e-invoice software.

    Under these circumstances, there are 3 different types of companies which are

    • legally responsible to use e-invoice
    • not legally esponsible to use-invoice, but the one who make business with those
    • volunteer to use e-invoice. These are the companies that want to save time and money with this system.
  • Advantages of e-invoice
  • Time: For regular paperwork invoices, it takes up to 1-2 weeks to prepare, sign and post to the counterpart. E-invoice enables companies to do this in seconds. It allows firms to complete their buy&sell transactions so fast as well as collecting the receivables.

    Cost: Paper invoices need a budget to be prepared, printed and posted. With printer and ink costs, budget goes further. For a regular paper invoice transaction, these costs are approximately TRY 1.5. For a company, which invoices a lot (i.e. 10.000 invoice per year), this is a considerable cost. E-invoice protects companies to face with these costs.

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Basically, vFatura stands as a hub between an ERP software (i.e. SAP) and Turkish Revenue Administration (GIB) servers. It converts the records of the company into the format that is asked by Ministry of Finance. vFatura signs the invoice in an electronic environment and sends it to GIB servers.


vFatura enables to send and receive invoices with its webservice technology that works with different ERP software including SAP.

Thanks to its flexible integration ability, in a possible change of firm’s database structure or software system, vFatura can be adapted to new system with lower costs.


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Corporate Companies:

  • “e-Invoice Application Form” which is signed by an authorized employee,
  • “Digital Signature Ownership Application Form” which is signed by an authorized employee,
  • The certificate of foundation of the company which was published in Trade Register Newspaper,,
  • Copy of signature specimen of the authorized employee who has signed the application form,
  • BİS raporu,
  • Integration application form.

Personal Companies:

  • “e-Invoice Application Form” which is signed by an authorized employee,
  • Declaration of ownership of a qualified digital certificate if applicable,
  • Copy of signature specimen of the authorized employee,
  • IT report,
  • Integration application form.

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