vSign is Voyacon’s e-signature product.

vSign is Voyacon’s e-signature product. It is an important assistant module for those who use tekFatura to complete e-invoicing steps in seconds. vSign provides a data library to maintain control over documents (i.e. who reached the document, when it is reached, copied or not).

Today’s business life contains too many documents and data and they are collected in companies’ archives. However, it is not easy to figure out which of those are important for company to be archieved or not. At this point, vSign enhance a system over documents to easily and securely manage them.

Xades, which is created by European Telecommunication Standards (ETSI), is supported by W3C that is known as world’s #1 standards authority in this area. vSign uses Xades infrastructure and it makes our product a world-class software.

Xades is a worldwide e-signature infrastructure that is built on XmlDsig method. Like XmlDsig, Xades works on XML documents. A company’s vital documents and data are first converted into a XML format, then it is encrypted/decrypted by Xades platform to be tracked, recorded and see if third parties change data. Thanks to Xades, digital signatures’ validity is very long. Even the algorithms of encryption have changed, Xades ensures that verification and encryption is still valid.

Xades also provides a track of data about who signed the document and when it is signed. This is one of the basic examples of XmlDsig based Xades technology. In today’s business world, Xades infrastructure is premier technology for digital signature solutions. And we proudly announce that vSign is developed on Xades platform.

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More and more company in today’s business life is choosing digital signature. In Turkey, most of e-government platforms, e-ledger and e-invoice applications require digital signatures. At this point, it is time to see the advantages of digital signature technology.

  • Speed: Without the burden of preparing documents, posting or delivering to logistics, companies can easily send their documents to counterparts in seconds with digital signature.
  • Cost: Documents’ life cycle is like that: paper printout-signing with pen-posting-waiting for response about it is delivered. All those steps require a cost. E-signature requires none of these costs.
  • Security: A physical document is usually under risk of being lost or stolen. Secret information can be pass into third parties that could damage company’s security. E-signature has no risk in that manner.
  • Legal validation: Most of the countries accept digital signature as an alternative to traditional signature. According to laws, e-signature has exactly the same with traditional signature.
  • Archive: digitally signed documents are reachable easily in databases. Paper archives requires a physical are while e-signature makes it in digital platform.
  • Unauthorized Signature: third parties cannot copy e-signature. Classical pen and paper documents are subject to the risk of copied signatures, but e-signature is totally immune to be stolen.
  • Time Stamp: Digital signature contains data in it that shows the exact date and time of signature process.

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